Top Light and Bright Wedding Venues in the Twin Cities

Picking a venue for your wedding or special event can be hard! I get it! Trying to find the perfect venue that checks all the boxes, and photographs beautifully, is even harder. That is why I have put together an on-going list of my top light and bright wedding venues in the Twin Cities! Often, myself and a few other light and airy photographers in the industry find that inquiring couples want the “bright and airy” look, but don’t necessarily have the venue to help with that aesthetic. The look and feel of the overall venues you are considering plays a vital role in how your photographs will turn out.

For example, if you desire those light, bright, airy photographs you see on a photographer’s portfolio, but are considering wedding venues that have floor to ceiling wood paneling or little to no natural light – the photos are not going to be what you see on the photographer’s portfolio.

Things to consider when booking a wedding venue for the light and airy photography style:
  • Does the venue have a lot of natural light coming in from windows?
  • What color are the walls? Neutrals, whites, creams, etc. are best for this type of photography style.
  • What do they have for flooring? A Green or red carpet as seen in a lot of country clubs can make the photographs appear a lot darker!
  • What do their getting-ready spaces look like? Remember, natural light is crucial! For a more in-depth post on what to look for in a getting-ready space, click here.
Top Light and Bright Wedding Venues in the Twin Cities:

Below is a list of my favorite wedding venues in the Twin Cities area that pair perfectly with the light and airy photography!

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