What makes a good getting ready room & top getting ready spaces in the Twin Cities

Today on the blog I am touching on a very important part of your wedding day – getting ready! As a wedding photographer, getting ready photos are some of my favorites. The high energy, fun bridesmaids robes, eager butterflies, and putting your dress on for the first time are all parts that make this part of the day so incredibly special to photograph. Many wedding venues have a designated getting ready space, which is great – but today I’m diving in on what makes a “good” getting ready space for portraits and some of my favorite getting ready studio spaces around the Twin Cities.

One way to elevate your getting ready photos is to make sure you are in a “good” getting ready space. Most wedding and ceremony venues have a designated getting ready space, but sometimes they don’t make for great portraits. Below is a list of what makes a good getting ready space:

  • Natural lighting – this is by far the most important part of a getting ready space from a photographer’s perspective. The more windows, the better!
  • Neutral colored walls – as a light and airy photography, neutral colors are key for correct skin tones.
  • Space – make sure your getting ready area has enough space for you and your bridesmaids, in addition to parents, grandparents, personal attendants, etc.

If your getting ready space does not have the above, renting a studio space may be a good option. Below are some of my favorite rental spaces in the Twin cities!

Studios Rentals:

Edit to add: As of November 2022, my very own studio is now open and available as a getting-ready location. The Brooke Elisabeth Studio is located in Ramsey, MN. More information about my studio can be found here.

Sometimes studios are not in the cards, or they don’t work with your timeline. Below are a few hotels that have great room options for getting ready.

Hotel Rentals:

That’s all for now! I’m always updating this list. If you have additional recommendations for getting ready spaces in the Twin Cities, leave a comment below. To read more wedding day tips just like this, click here!

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