Why a Second Photographer is Crucial on a Wedding Day

Discussing a very important wedding day role that can honestly make or break the photography portions of your day. I am, of course, talking about a second photographer! Today’s blog post is centered around second shooters and their crucial role they have on your wedding day. I honestly couldn’t do what I do without them! Continue on for why I think this.

Personally, I include a second photographer in every single one of my packages. Believe it or not, I have only ever shot a few (very, very few) weddings by myself. I believe having a second photographer included in your wedding day is essential to not only a full, diverse gallery, but also ensuring a back up plan and efficiency throughout the day.

Seconds are there for any Emergency that may arise:

This is every wedding-vendor’s worst nightmare! However, as scary as it is to think about, it does happen. Having a second photographer, who is already planning on being there and is familiar with the couple and the order of events, takes a lot of the worry and panic out of the equation during these types of situations. Also, seconds are there so if any emergency happens throughout the day, they are there to cover as needed. Although rare, emergencies do happen, and it is important to have a back up system in place.

Having a second photographer gives you variety in your final gallery:

This is one of my favorite reasons for having a second photographer with me on wedding days! A second photographer gets different angles and perspectives throughout the day, giving my client’s a variety-filled gallery to look back on for years to come. Just to name a few of my favorite moments second shooters are so incredible are: the first look (getting both the bride and groom’s reaction instead of just the groom!) Bridal party (getting side shots and candid moments throughout this part of the day), Ceremony (specifically walking down the aisle, getting multiple perspectives) Speeches (capturing both the one speaking and the couple / guests). I could go on and on about the benefits of a second photographer from just a final gallery standpoint!

A second shooter creates efficiency and flexibility in the timeline:

This is the number one way I ensure efficiency and flexibility in the wedding timeline from a photography perspective. Having two of us there at once allows for us to adapt to changes without the timeline going out the window. During the getting ready portion of the day, I am able to be with the girls, while my second is with the guys. Dividing and conquering, and getting two things done at once is only possible with a second photographer.

Family formals, on average, only take my team and I 20 minutes with our system. My second calls out a pre-made list of family combinations, then I arrange them and take the photos. If it were just myself, it would take much longer! Another big part of the day where a second is crucial is during the reception. While my second is photographing cocktail hour candids or with my couple and their bridal party on a party bus, I am capturing reception details. Having a second photographer ensures you will look back on every part of your wedding day in your final gallery.

With 2 photographers with you on your day, there is double the creativity:

Finally, having two photographers allows for more creative shots throughout your gallery. While the main photographer is usually more focused on getting the shots we need, and keeping us on schedule, as well as finding the best lighting, etc. The second photographer can be more creative and think outside the box for certain shots. I love going through the photos after the wedding and seeing some the amazingly creative shots my seconds took that I never would have thought of. Having second shot myself, I love how the role gives you more freedom to be creative and perhaps test various techniques you wouldn’t otherwise do as the lead photographer.

Have I convinced you that a second photographer is crucial? They say it takes a village to pull off a wedding and I agree 100%. I could not do my job without my second photographers!

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