The Brooke Elisabeth Rebrand

Get excited! The new Brooke Elisabeth website, logo, messaging, and blog is officially live! This project has been in the works for months now; I am so glad to finally share with all of you all the hard work myself, With Grace and Gold, and The Literary Co have been up to.

**To get the full viewing experience, please make sure you are on a desktop instead of a mobile device! Trust me, you will want to see what all the awe and delight is about!**

I have been dreaming of this day for years. Since the start of my business, I always knew deep down how I wanted my brand to be represented. If you’ve been here since the beginning, you know that Brooke Elisabeth (formerly Brooke Elisabeth Photography – more details on the new name change below!) has come a long way. In recent years, my work and areas of interest have shifted, but my online presence was not up to par with the direction in which my brand was headed. This past year I decided that it was time to do a full overhaul. With the help of Kelly and Andra at With Grace and Gold, and Kayla at The Literary Co, I introduce to you the new and improved – Brooke Elisabeth! For the first time, Brooke Elisabeth and my true self feel naturally aligned. Now, onto the exciting part!

The Vision:

My vision is for the Brooke Elisabeth brand and web design to feel fine art, intimate, timeless, and classic. My hope is for every detail of Brooke Elisabeth’s online presence to help connect me with my audience, and communicate my expertise.

The Rebrand Goals:

I wanted to discover a balance between elevated and personal. In my personal life, I have a sense of humour and wit, that I wanted to tie into the victorian and french-inspired architecture I love, pretty blue hues, and all things Bridgerton. This launch truly couldn’t have come at better timing with the season 2 premier of Bridgeton! Through a neutral color palette and purpose-driven design details, my designers created a personal, elevated, and engaging design.

My Philosophy:

Photos are more than images we place in albums. They are works of fine art that remind us of the people we are, the love we cherish, and the reasons we celebrate life’s greatest moments.

My Mission:

I photograph intimate, curated celebrations for kindhearted couples to empower them to reflect on their memories through photos that don’t simply fill albums— they are works of fine art.

Brooke Elisabeth Inspiration

European. Blue hues. Fine art. Organic

The Rebrand

My designers at With Grace and Gold took my vision and created something better than I could ever imagine. I told them I loved blue hues, hints of old-world architecture and styles, and lots of layers and textures. When describing my personality to Kayla at The Literary Co, we kept coming back to Bridgerton’s Lady Whistledown (If you are unfamiliar with the Bridgerton series, please pause your scroll and go binge-watch it on Netflix!!), and how the character’s Whitt and charm fit the vision we were going for perfectly. Most importantly, when talking about my vision for the rebrand, I wanted a design and copy that truly felt like me and what inspires me – something that would stand the test of time. I believe we did just that!

Lastly, you may or may not notice the name change. Although subtle, I am so pleased with the new name and the direction and room for growth it provides. If you’ve been here since the very beginning, my brand name has changed a few times. But, I am here to say this one is here for good! Entrepreneurship is truly what I believe I am meant to do, and I am creative at heart. Whether my creativity always is in photography or something of the sort, I wanted to leave room for growth within my new brand. The name Brooke Elisabeth (my first and middle name) gives me just that.

To view the full website, click HERE! Comment below your favorite part of the new Brooke Elisabeth brand.



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