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Today we are continuing the favorite portrait location blog series! This time around I am highlighting one of my favorite urban locations, Saint Anthony Main in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Do you think this is the location for your upcoming portrait session? Find out below!

#1: Fun Environment!

First, the Saint Anthony Main area is known for its fun environment with lots of outdoor restaurants and a patio atmosphere. This area is another one of my favorites for senior and engagement sessions. There are so many little areas here that are fun, and do a great job showcasing this joyful season you are in now! There is the St. Anthony Main Theater with really fun lights that make for fun photos, gorgeous cobblestone paths, urban storefronts, and lots of buildings with colorful siding! If you are looking for a lively place for your portrait session, this is for sure the place for you!

#2: Variety!

As I hinted above, this is a perfect location if you are looking for a very diverse gallery. Each side of the street gives a different vibe to your photos which can be great! One side of the street is more nature-looking with a walking path and lots of greenery. While the other side is full of storefronts, restaurants, and patios with cute lights. There is a picturesque area everywhere you look down the main street.

#3: Views!

Possibly my all-time favorite part about this location is the infamous rock. If you are a photographer in the Minneapolis area, chances are you know exactly what I am talking about. This is a hidden gem that is not so hidden from the location, but it looks like a completely different area! There is a rock path nearby that overlooks across the river and has a breathtaking view of the downtown skyline. When I think of the perfect mix between urban and nature, this is what I think of. Saint Anthony Main is full of old urban charm, and I love it.

If you are looking for a location that looks like a different city with cobblestone, and gorgeous urban views then the Saint Anthony Main area might be the perfect spot for you!

To see session from this location, click here.

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