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I am starting a new blog series that is all about location highlights! As a natural light portrait photographer, I go to so many different locations throughout the season, it can be hard to keep them all straight. I am a little biased and do have a few favorite locations up my sleeve. Today, I am highlighting Noerenberg gardens in Wayzata, Minnesota. Do you think this is the location for your upcoming portrait session? Find out below!

#1: Good light!

Noerenberg Gardens is one of my favorite locations for many reasons. First, and probably the most important aspect to any natural light photographer, is the lighting is great! What I mean by that is there are many areas with open shade (the type of light we photographers tend to look for) and the way the sunsets allows for a lot of good portrait spots with the light coming in at the perfect angle. This is always going to be the most important thing to me when looking at a location! It could be a super pretty area, but if it doesn’t have good light, I won’t shoot there. There’s a saying in the photography community that goes along the lines of ‘good light over a pretty location any day’ and I stand by that 100%. Thankfully, Noerenberg gardens is a great location and has gorgeous lighting.

#2: Beautiful grounds!

Another reason why it is my favorite is the grounds! This is a perfect location if you would like manicured nature. I say manicured because this is not like frolicking through a field, have to do a tick check when you get back home type of location. This location is taken care of on a regular basis, has manicured grounds and paths, as well as beautiful gardens. There is a picturesque area everywhere you look!

#3: Privacy!

This location is also quiet! The thought of a portrait session can make some people nervous, and being in a crowded downtown location with a ton of people walking around you just is not the best for everyone. That is why I love this location. Noerenberg Gardens is a really quiet area, and there are usually not that many people there. Making this the perfect location if you know crowds of people walking by and looking at you while you get your photos taken just is not for you. It is not for me either! Another great part about the gardens is that there are some pretty structures scattered throughout the park that make for great props. There is a gazebo, some white pillars, and a really pretty ivy-covered archway throughout the park.

If you are looking for a location that is more on the nature side with beautiful flowers, plants, and trees, that is not too crowded, but still has some structures then Noerenberg gardens might be the perfect spot for you!

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