Free Photo Studio Checklist: Everything to consider when creating your photography studio

The Free Photo Studio Checklist!

I’m Brooke! I am a wife to my high school sweetheart, Ian, and together we renovated our rundown, detached garage into my dream photography studio! We learned a lot in this process… As in, we spent almost our entire life savings in the process and did a lot of the work ourselves. Over the course of the 10 months it took to renovate our studio, we learned a lot, fought a little, and cried a TON (primarily Brooke).

Free Photography Studio Checklist

As with any renovation comes stress and unforeseeable costs, and that’s why I am here! 

Because I’ve been there: wanting to make a change in your creative-driven career, looking for passive income but not knowing where to start, grinding and hustling to make this dream a reality. 

Then both Ian and I realized that our renovation journey, and the things we learned along the way, and after a few years of running a successful studio rental business could be useful for others looking to pursue this next chapter in their business. 

Ian and I say all the time how this studio is the best thing to have ever happened to us. Even after all the hurdles we went through to get to where we are now, we’d still choose to do it again! This studio is now a fundamental part of our story. After 10 months of renovating our space, Ian proposed in the studio shortly after our grand opening, and we had our private wedding ceremony in the same space. What was once a rundown garage is now a beautiful natural-light studio that is home to memories we will cherish forever. 

So let’s get into it! The Free Photo Studio Checklist

So you’re thinking about opening a photography studio? Whether you’ve already thought through everything down to the exact paint color, or this is a fresh idea you had at lunch and you’re still working out the details, I’m sharing my list of important considerations when drafting up your dream space! 

A photo studio is a big investment – in both time and money! Here is the Brooke Elisabeth Studio-approved list of must-haves and considerations!
  1. Location: Location is key! Your studio location needs to be easily accessible for your ideal clients. Where is the ideal location for your studio? How far are your ideal clients willing to drive? Is privacy a big concern for you when looking for a space? 
  2. Lighting: If you are a natural light photographer like myself, you know how important lighting is! Does your studio need windows? What is the lighting like in all parts of the day / what direction of light does the space provide? 
  3. Accessibility: Is your studio going to be wheelchair accessible? Will there be an elevator? 
  4. Parking: Similar to accessibility, how close will the parking be to the studio? Is it free? Are there reserved parking spots or is it a public parking lot? It is important to keep in mind who would be renting your studio. Did they just have a baby? Or have small children or pets with them? Will they have a lot of items to unload? If so, you probably don’t want them to have to walk across a busy street and park far away from the entrance. Easy and close parking is key to a great overall experience! 
  5. Square feet: What size space do you need? Depending on what type of photography you specialize in or what your studio will specialize in, this might affect the space you need. Our studio is 600 square feet and we specialize in portraits. We can fit groups of about 20-25 comfortably in the space. If you’re interested in using the space for small events as well, you may require more square footage.  
Other considerations in a photo studio: 
  • Noise: How loud or quiet is the area around you? Will this be okay if you are going to be offering newborn sessions or events in the space? What is the noise level your studio might have, and is this going to be okay for other businesses or homes that are around you? 
  • Build-out options: If you are leasing a commercial space, you need to ask if you can paint, make changes, put in a new floor, and make it work for your brand. What does your landlord allow? 

Ready to get started?

Want even more information, including the exact blueprints, email templates, and links to the exact products we use in our studio?  Then I invite you to download the Photo Studio System guide for just $90! You get our mentorship, tips, and feedback on our studio, as well as blueprints, email templates, and exact links to what we used in our studio! Find out more HERE and use code SYSTEM at checkout to get $5 off the guide!

Photo Studio checklist, free download

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