Photography Studio Flooring Ideas

Flooring greatly impacts the final look of your photos! Before I had my studio, I had rented various studios around the metro and all of them had different flooring. A lot of the ones I rented had very orange wood floors or cool concrete flooring. The orange made it difficult to get accurate skin tones, and the exposed concrete (although easier to get accurate tones with) didn’t feel like it was 100% my style. When we were drafting up our vision for the space, I knew I wanted white flooring! No studio in the local area had it, and I knew it was something that other photographers (any myself) were looking for.

Our flooring is one of the most asked questions we get when it comes to our studio! At the time of writing this, our floors are just painted concrete (the original concrete from the 70s) and so far, it has held up and works for us! Eventually, we might decide to upgrade to vinyl flooring or white epoxy – vinyl plank flooring was just not in the budget or our timeline.

Photo-friendly flooring options include:

  • Concrete / painted or kept bare
  • Light or white-washed vinyl plank flooring
  • Peel and stick options? (Renter friendly)
  • Even a light carpet is better than wood floors in my opinion!
  • If you do have wood floors and can choose a stain finish color – choose the most neutral option!

Want a behind-the-scenes, deep-dive look at the exact we took to create and maintain a successful studio rental business beyond flooring ideas?


Because I used to be totally overwhelmed, researching studio items and making lists of things we need to get all throughout the night, saving inspiration off Pinterest, and feeling the pressure of creating something others would want to use. 

The hard work paid off, and within months of opening the doors to our studio, we made our money back, and nearly doubled our monthly income! 

Crazy right?!

Now I’m going to show YOU how to do the same!! The Photo Studio System is a self-paced digital guide that walks you through everything we did in the studio and why, including exact links to what we got!! 

I WISH we had something like this to refer back to when we were creating our space!!

This could be the thing you’ve been waiting for!! A step-by-step guide that takes the guesswork out of this shift in your business, and gives you the knowledge and tools you need to create your dream photography studio.


01 – Where we started and what our journey looked like with our exact blueprints

02 – Finances and everything you need to consider when creating your studio

03 – Target audience research

04 – Studio Considerations and what amenities you want to include

05 – Marketing and everything we do to run a successful business

06 – All of our client communication including links to our exact products, furniture, and tools we used, as well as access to our email templates and studio signage!


You’ll come away with a clear framework of how to achieve this next step in your business, and have confidence knowing you are doing it RIGHT! Learn from our mistakes and create that space you’ve been dreaming of. Because you are a part of this community I have a surprise discount for you! Mention code: SYSTEM to get $5 off your very own copy of The Photo Studio System!

So click the link HERE to get your copy and use code: SYSTEM at checkout, before the price goes up!

Here’s to you and your dream space!

The Photo Studio System is a self-paced digital guide that walks you through everything we did in the studio and why, including exact links to what we got!! 

Click here to learn more about studio tips and tricks!

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