What to Wear for Newborn Photos

The most common question I get asked as a newborn photographer is, “What do we wear?” It’s always a little intimidating to have your picture taken, even if it’s just a photo on an iPhone that is taken by a friend. We want to look nice and make sure nothing is in our teeth and our hair is behaving. Add in a few kids and it can feel overwhelming quickly. I realize preparing for your newborn photos can be a little overwhelming. Here are some outfit tips that will make the preparation more manageable!

I offer all Brooke Elisabeth clients access to my monthly curated outfit guides that are directly linked to where you can find the outfit. If my clients choose to not go through the monthly outfit guides, or use the included client wardrobe, then I suggest that you don’t try to match. Try to pick outfits and accessories that coordinate instead.

Newborn Session Outfit Tips

I have put together my favorite Amazon clothing items for newborns and families with young children! You can view that list here!

Most patterns are okay, however, graphics are not favorable for portraits. If you’re wearing a pattern make sure it’s not overwhelming and distracting. Tiny horizontal strips are not recommended.

Empty your pockets! Literally. You don’t want to have key chains or phones in your pockets for your photos.

Most clients choose to put baby in a simple onesie or swaddle (avoid cliche outfits, costumes, and props)

Wear nude Spanx and undergarments. If we are meeting on location arrive in clothing that is easy to change in and out of in case you are changing in cars or public bathrooms.

On your nails, a pale shade of pink or neutral french manicure looks best! Do not get a spray tan or apply fake tanner – when one person is way tanner than the other it makes getting accurate skin tones very hard.

Dads look best in chinos that are either khaki, light gray, charcoal gray or navy with a neutral button down or henley style shirt.

Where to shop for Mom

Below is a list of my top places to shop for newborn picture outfits!

  1. This Amazon list HERE
  2. Nothing Fits But
  3. Morning Lavender
  4. Petal & Pup
  5. Baltic Born
  6. Altar’d State
  7. H&M
  8. Rachel Pally
  9. Free People
  10. Show Me Your Mumu
  11. Lulus
  12. Vici
  13. Cleobella
  14. Christy Dawn
  15. Doen
  16. Red Dress

Where to shop for Children’s Newborn Photo Outfits

  1. This Amazon list HERE
  2. The Beaufort Bonnet Company
  3. Zara Kids
  4. Jamie Kay
  5. Rylee + Cru
  6. Noralee
  7. H&M
  8. Noralee
  9. Colored Organics
Newborn photo outfits

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