My Favorite Wedding Day Moments

Today I am so excited to dive into my favorite wedding day moments from a photographer’s perspective! When I am on consult calls or chatting with others about my job, I am often asked what my favorite moments of the day are. I could go on forever with how each part of the day is my favorite for various top favorites below!

  1. The lettering reading exchange
    • This is one of my all-time favorite parts of the wedding day! You just got your dress on, you are minutes away from seeing your groom, and you get to read the letter he/she wrote you with all the emotion tied into a letter. It is such a sweet moment, and the excitement in the room is just unmatched.
  1. The first looks
    • Speak of emotional moments, this is another one of them! Whether it be first looks with parents, grandparents, or the bride and groom, each one of these moments is so special! Cue the happy, excited tears. Capturing all the emotions during this monumental time in the day will always be one of my favorites.
  1. Portraits
    • This goes without saying, but I love when we get the bride and groom alone for some portraits! This is where the magic happnes, and some of the only alone time some couples get on their day. Creating beautiful portraits for my couples and seeing them be so happy will never be a dull moment!
  1. Speeches
    • Ah, the speeches! Cue the happy tears, again. Some photographers say the speech portion of the day is their least favorite, but I disagree! The speeches are when we really get to know more about the couples, and their families and what makes them, them. Speeches are always so unique, leaving guests laughing, crying, gasping, or a little bit of both!
  1. First dances
    • Finally, the first dances make the list of my top favorite wedding day moments. The dance floor is just about to open, and we get to kick it off with the first honorary dances. It is so special to watch and photograph; they always end up being some of my favorite photos to end the evening.

Of course, I love to photograph all parts of the wedding day, but these are just a few of my favorite moments to both capture and be a part of. What can I say, I am an emotional photographer! More times than not I’m hiding my happy tears for my couple behind my camera during these moments!

Comment below if you have any favorite wedding day moments, too! I would love to hear!

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