Meet the Brooke Elisabeth Photography Associate Team

The Brooke Elisabeth Photography senior associate team is comprised of a young, talented, dependable, and hard working photographer! My associate has shadowed sessions and has been trained in on how I go about every session situation. Through the associate collection, I will always be your point-of-contact and will handle the editing of your final images, but my associate will be the photographer for your session. So, I think it is so important everyone one of my clients feels like they know exactly who they are working with – including who my associate is! I asked my associate, Annie, a bunch of questions and want to share them with you in hopes that you get to know a little more of the Brooke Elisabeth Senior Associate team!

Associate Annie:

Q: How did you get started in photography?

A: I’ve been carrying a camera in my hand since I was in middle school. Remember those little disposable Kodak film cameras? I can still hear that terrible clicking noise when you had to move to the next frame. I took photos of everything and anything. No, really. You wouldn’t believe how many photos of rocks I have from my childhood! Believe it or not, at some point I wanted to be a storm chaser and take photos of tornadoes. Eventually, I moved from random objects and took more of an interest in portrait photography. In high school, I bought my first DSLR body and began taking photos of family and friends. Pretty soon I was in college and people were asking if I could take their engagement photos! Photography has ALWAYS been something I have loved and felt passionate about.

Q: Why do you love what you do?

A: Whenever someone asks me what I love about photography, I’m always surprised how my answer hasn’t changed ever since I picked up my first camera. Photography offers a pathway for me and for others to see life in a different lens (no pun intended). For me, photography is more than just seeing a subject and snapping that shot. Rather, it’s more about seeing the beauty in everything, even the smallest, most insignificant things. When others see a pile of dirt, I see something that brings life.

Q: Tell me a little about yourself:

A: Speaking of life, you can usually find me with a coffee in my hand and me wishing that I had more. I worked at a coffee shop throughout high school and became addicted early in life. Jokes on my mom, though, as I still turned out to be tall despite the caffeine. When I’m not drinking coffee (lol), you can usually find me hanging out in South Minneapolis with my husband. We live near a lake and enjoy kayaking, swimming, and taking walks. Don’t let that fool you, though, as I’m a chronic TV watcher and pride myself on having re-watched Gilmore Girls and Friends more than the average person.

Q: What enneagram number are you?

A: I’m a loyal 6 enneagram through and through. I plan for multiple scenarios, think through my decisions very carefully, and I always like to be as prepared as possible. I’m happiest when I am close with my family and friends and feel valued when I can give comfort to others. Also, I try to look for more positive experiences and often stray away from negative vibes.

Q: Why are you excited / what are you looking forward to photographing seniors this season?

A: Photographing seniors is ALWAYS a blast. I love hearing about everyone’s future plans and what they are enjoying about their last year of school. And have you SEEN the senior style lately? I’m seriously blown away by everyone’s individual style and wish I had been on that level when I was a senior in high school.

I hope this gives you a more inside look at who makes up the Brooke Elisabeth Associate crew! I am so excited for all of the clients we will be able to serve as a team! If you are interested in learning more about the associate collection click HERE!

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