How to Incorporate Engagement Photos in Your Wedding Day

You have these beautiful engagement photos, but you’re unsure on how to incorporate them into your wedding day. I have compiled a list of a just a few ways you could incorporate engagement pictures into your day.

Ways to incorporate engagement photos throughout your wedding day:
  1. Use them in your guest book
  2. Display your photos at the different reception tables
  3. Include your engagement photos in the ceremony program
  4. Display the photos by the gift table at the reception
  5. Incorporate a quiz for your guests to play and have some of the photos a part of the questions
  6. Use them on your wedding website
  7. Display them with different signage throughout the day
  8. Thank you cards
  9. Personalize your wedding favors with your engagement photos
  10. Print big canvases of them and hang them somewhere in your venue for everyone to see

I am always looking to update this list, so if you have any additional ideas comment below!

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