4 Reasons to Consider Professional Hair and Makeup For Your Senior Photos

Professional Hair and Makeup for Senior photos

Are you a high school senior starting to think about your senior pictures? If you’re reading this, the answer is most likely, yes. I know there is so much to think about regarding senior year alone that thinking of your senior photos can feel overwhelming. Questions like, “How do I pick a photographer?”, “What should I wear?”, “Do I need professional hair and makeup?”, and “What season should I take them in?” are just a few of the many questions that are part of planning your senior portraits.

I’m teaming up with an outstanding local professional hair and makeup artist, Lisa Nghiem with LHN Beauty, to give some insight on why professional hair and makeup services are so important for your session! Our goal is to help you plan for your session, and give you the best experience possible all while feeling your best!

Let’s get started!

About Lisa and LHN Beauty:

“My name is Lisa and I started LHNBEAUTY after I had my mid-twenties crisis -or so I call it. I graduated from the U of M twin cities with a nursing degree. I worked in the field for a few years and decided that I wanted to do something different in my life. Don’t get me wrong, being a nurse was very rewarding, but I had a feeling I was meant to do something else in life. I quit my job, enrolled at the Aveda Institute, started LHNBEAUTY, and I haven’t looked back since.” – Lisa

What do you love most about being a professional hair and makeup artist?

“I love showing people that when your hair and makeup is done, you can feel a million times more confident. It’s so amazing how even a little bit of mascara can help you feel good. You can’t buy that feeling, and for me to be able to help provide that feeling -geez it really fills me up!” – Lisa

How does professional hair and makeup services differ from “doing it yourself”?

“It’s crazy because I know with youtube, anyone could be competent with doing their own makeup. What most people don’t realize is that it’s all about the technique of application -not about the product. So you can buy all the best products out on the market, but without having knowledge about how to use it, or the ingredients with how it will interact with other products -it’s pretty much pointless.” – Lisa

What is the difference between “everyday makeup” vs. “photo-ready makeup”

“I think the most important difference between photo-ready makeup vs everyday makeup is we take lighting into consideration. When you do your makeup at home, that lighting is completely different than how it would translate in a photo. Professional artists will look at photography styles and adjust our techniques accordingly to make sure that the makeup will translate beautifully -no matter where you are, inside or outside. It will also look amazing in person and on camera -which is a technique that professionals will have vs the average person.” – Lisa

What would your advice be to someone who is on the fence doing their hair and makeup themselves vs. hiring a professional?

“My thing is that photos are forever. There’s no going back and “re-doing” these photos, and honestly, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people tell me -I really wish I just paid for a hair and makeup artist. I understand that maybe it’s not financially doable, but your senior photos are a one-time thing -splurging a bit to ensure that the photos will turn out amazing is worth it.” – Lisa

How does professional hair and makeup elevate your photos from a photographer’s perspective?

“When you are investing in a professional photographer, you want to make sure that the images look their absolute best. Professional hair and makeup artists are trained to do hair and makeup so they photograph well in unique lighting situations.

There is also less stress getting your hair and makeup done! Preparing for a senior portrait session can be stressful in and of itself. Trying to do your hair and makeup by yourself can make things even harder. Professional camera equipment is designed to pick up every little detail in an image so hiring a professional makeup artist is the way to go!

Who doesn’t like being pampered?! I don’t ever want you to feel like your portrait session is just simply “taking pictures,” I want it to be an experience! So, if you arrive after being pampered, the entire experience has already started on a good note! If you arrive frustrated or stressed, it can affect the entire experience, including the way you look in photographs.” – Brooke

As your photographer, I do everything I can to make sure you have the best experience from start to finish! That is why I have partnered with Lisa and her team to get 15% off your hair and makeup service when you become an official Brooke Elisabeth Photography Senior!

I hope this information was helpful as you continue to plan for your senior session! A big thank you to Lisa for providing her insight on professional hair and makeup for senior photos. If you are considering hiring a professional hair and makeup artist, reach out to Lisa for more information!

Professional Hair and Makeup
Lisa Nghiem with LHN Beauty

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