3 Reasons Why You Should Book Your Senior Photographer Early

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One of the number one questions I always get asked is when is the best time to book your senior photographer?! Today, I decided to write a blog about it! I hope it comes in handy for all of the Juniors out there wondering the same thing! Here are my top three reasons for booking your senior photographer early and why it’s so important!

1. Your senior photographer may offer an early-bird special 

First things first – it is NEVER too early to start looking for your potential senior photographer! I remember booking my photographer while on spring break my Junior year. Even crazier – I had them taken that spring before Junior year even finished!! My point is is that a lot of photographers, including myself, offer an “early-bird specials” for seniors who book early on in the season! If you know who you want to work with, you might as well inquire early, and get your experience for a cheaper price!

“Early” in the senior booking world is considered anywhere from January-April of your Junior year. The popular booking season for seniors is considered to be May-July. If you’re interested in a summer session – the earlier, you inquiry the better! If you’re interested in a Fall session, inquiring anytime throughout June-July is good as well. However, most photographers will not still have their early bird special at that point in the year.

2. You get first dibs on available dates

Summer and fall schedules get busy! Planning anything around a family vacation or sports practice schedule is a headache… By booking your senior photographer early, you have FIRST access to their availability! This means you get the month/season that you’ve always envisioned having your senior photos taken officially without any schedule complications!!

For a lot of photographers, once a month is officially booked it can be really hard to find room to fit in another session! We want to provide you with the best experience possible. We also want to create the beautiful photos you’ve always envisioned – one way to ensure that is to book your session early on in the season!!

3. One less thing you have to worry about going into senior year

Going into the senior year there is SO much you have to do, and it can be very overwhelming! From scheduling when to take the ACT to when to have your grad party so it doesn’t overlap with anyone else’s (been there, done that!) why not cross one of those things off your list early so you don’t have to worry about it?! Also, the longer you know your photographer, the more potential there is to form a relationship – and a relationship is a key to building trust, and trust makes for genuine photos! Do you see where I am going here?! Moral of the story: it’s never too early to reach out and get something on the books with the photographer you know you’ve always wanted for your senior photos!

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